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Director, Screenplay Writer

The Forlorned is the fifth film directed by the talented and award winning Writer/Director Andrew Wiest.  Wiest is also a notable producer, editor, and cinematographer.  His first feature film, the comedy Pizza, Pesos, and Pistoleros (2004),  garnered praise at film festivals and helped launch Wiest’s next movie, Dead Noon (2007). Distributed by Lionsgate in 2009, the action packed horror-western Dead Noon received accolades, placing the film “head and shoulders above the majority of zombie flicks.”[1]  Stuart Alson wrote, “Combine the nonstop shoot-‘em up action of DESPERADO and THE TERMINATOR and you got a showdown at DEAD NOON.”[2] Wiest also directed The Adventures of Chris Fable (2010), and Treasure State (2013).  Wiest’s films have proven successful both abroad and in the United States.  In between directing feature films, Wiest screen writes, is CEO of a successful visual effects company, and operates his own independent production company Good Outlaw Studios.  He has also partnered with people such as Grammy nominated singer Crystal Lewis, directs music videos and commercials.

[1] Wayne Simmons, Revenant Magazine

[2] Stuart Alson, Independent Film Quarterly

Ryan Reed


Producer, Screenwriter, VFX Visual Effects, Human Duct Tape

An engineer’s brain wired to an artist’s heart, Ryan Reed loves telling stories and solving problems.  The Montana native discovered film-making is the point where his passions intersect.  His first feature film was a collaboration with Andrew Wiest on The Adventures of Chris Fable(2010), where Reed was involved in shooting and post production work.  Reed next co-wrote the feature-length screenplay Treasure State(2013) with Wiest. Reed is well versed in production work with a background in camera work, props, art department, writing and editing, and his specialty special effects.   Reed has already proved his invaluable skills as a first time producer on The Forlorned.



Assistant Director, Casting Director

Robert Milo Andrus brings immense talents from many departments.  Serving as The Forlorned Casting Director, Andrus draws on an extensive background in casting, producing, directing, acting, sound, editing, and camera work, providing him with unmatchable skills. Well versed in all aspects of the entertainment industry, Andrus was a valuable asset and spot-on in casting selections, as well as a pleasure to have on set.  Amongst his long list of credits, Andrus is known for his work on High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008), The Antagonist (2009), Dead Noon (2007), and the soon to be released H8RZ (2015).  Andrus also serves as a casting associate for Jeff Johnson Casting, recently casting for such big industry names as the Disney Channel, McDonalds, Verizon, the Hallmark Channel, and many more.  Andrus has a contagious love of people, as well as entertainment, and is also an accomplished photographer.

Dusty Jones


Director of Photography

Dusty has a wide range of experience in camera and technical operations, with specialty in cinematography and animation. Dusty has served as Technical Director in live television broadcast, as well as camera operator, jib crane and dolly grip. Past works include camera operator in The Revelators (2015), and jib crane and dolly grip for The Thin Line (2015) and the short 22 Weeks (2009).  Dusty runs his own company Film Saints Productions, LLC, which specializes in Broadcast and Media Production.

Luke Dowler


Musical Score

Refusing to be categorized by one genre— or creative genius, songwriter, performer, and producer, Luke Dowler has been amassing a versatile and prolific body of work for years.  Dowler released a large catalogue of EP’s, LP’s, and singles, building quite an audience of committed fans.  In 2014, Paste Magazine called Dowler “a Montana artist you need to listen to now”, as part of their 50 states project.  With an amazing work ethic, Dowler is creative as well as prolific, averaging over a 110 shows around the world each year.  He has released numerous musical compilations including Behind Counterfeit Smiles (2007), Compared to You (2010), Polarized (2012), and West (2013), as well as his poignant single from 2011, Silence is Shameful.  A moving orchestral look at human trafficking, Silence is Shameful has brought social consciousness and urgency to this tragic form of modern slavery.  Dowler has past signed with EMI/Dream Records, and is categorized on iTunes as “a scrappy tunesmith with a defiant edge.” Having released his single Heart Attack in 2014, all we can say is we’re glad he wasn’t late to our party, we’re heart attacking.

Chelsea Goodwin

New Head Shot

Casting Associate

Chelsea Goodwin was forced into her first acting class by her Mother at the age of twelve.  Her Mother hoped acting would help Chelsea overcome her shyness, but the classes ignited something in Chelsea, and she has been acting and producing ever since.  Beginning in theater, Chelsea fell in love and transitioned to film acting at nineteen.  She has appeared in television and several short films, as well the films All I’ve Got (2012), and her last role in Jackie & Ryan (2014) with Katherine Heigl. She went on to produce the short film The Day Job (2009).  These last few years Chelsea has discovered a new love in movie casting, adding to her already impressive experience.



Art Director

There’s artistic, then there is Jeri.  This beautiful woman is a creative powerhouse, inside and out.  Raised in the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, a vivaciously driven Jeri grew up riding her horse and skiing Lake Tahoe.  In between, she managed to fall into art and reveled in the freedom to express herself.  Her incredible sense of nature’s splendor has guided her artistic career ever since. “The world is my canvas” can often be heard resonating off Jeri’s lips. And she means it.  She loves the outdoors, spends time hiking Glacier National Park, and feels blessed to live in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Montana.  Jeri is passionate, talented, creative, and limitless in her ideas, and her energy.  Jeri’s passion is only outdone by her boundless love for the men in her life, her soul mate and her three cherished sons.

James Teague


Visual Effects Artist

James Neil Teague is a visual effects specialist, known for his work on Adam (2009), Dead Noon (2007), and The Adventures of Chris Fable (2010). Teague, an experienced digital matte painter and artist, brings his virtual art, and visual and special effects skills to The Forlorned production team.  Teague also served as co-producer and art director on Dead Noon, and has worked in minor roles as an actor.



Second Assistant Director                                 Mitchell Underhill


Steady Cam Operators                                        Matt Hartle

                                                                                            Dusty Jones


Editor                                                                              Andrew Wiest


Post Production Coordinator                           Ryan Reed


Sound Recording / Boom Operation            Mitchell Underhill


Sound Design / Editor                                           James Glenn


Sound Mixers                                                             Ed Bosco

                                                                                            Tyrell Sacks


3D Artist                                                                       Jamie Cody-Ferguson


Special Effects Makeup                                        Jeri Miller

                                                                                            Bobby Milo


Set Photographer                                                    Marianne Wiest