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Colton Christensen

Colton Christensen

Tom Doherty

This dynamic actor captures attention with his passion and versatility in the lead role of Tom Doherty. A talented Colton, springs Tom’s character to life, as Tom’s journey becomes your journey. Raised in a large theatrical family of fourteen, Colton Christensen was homeschooled, where he was able to flourish and develop his many remarkable gifts in the performing arts.  Not simply an actor, Colton is also a polished singer, songwriter, and musician, as well as student.  Colton has appeared in previous films such as his portrayal as Sam Baker in Treasure State (2013), and in the role of Jacob Davis in the 2009 short film Gleichschaltung.  Colton is currently completing a degree in drama and music, and in addition to acting, hopes someday to teach the performance arts.

Elizabeth Mouton

Elizabeth Mouton

Amy Garrity

The beautiful and talented Elizabeth Mouton brings many years of acting experience to the role of feisty Amy Garrity, who returns to face her childhood fears at the lighthouse island.  Elizabeth has appeared in movies such as The Adventures of Chris Fable (2010), her role as Louise in Dead Noon (2007), in S.W.A.T. (2003), and in The Singles Ward (2002).  She has an extensive resume of television credits ranging from Touched by an Angel (2001), to My Big Fat Greek Life (2003), and as Wonder Woman in the upcoming series Dating Pains (2014).  Elizabeth has performed in theater work as well as commercials, and recently completed her first production role as Producer of the 2012 short film Acorn Calf

Cory C. Dangerfield

Cory C Dangerfield Beard Hedshot


Cast perfectly in the critical role of Murphy, Cory C. Dangerfield is both electrifying and engaging. Murphy just wouldn’t be the same without the persona created by Cory C. Dangerfield.  Cory became fascinated with acting at a young age, when he was compelled to re-enact his Sunday school lessons from underneath the teaching table. An actor with a widespread background, Cory has worked in everything from writing and production, to set design and construction, to art and casting.  He was recently awarded quarterfinalist status in the prestigious 2014 Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Competition for his screenplay, A Home on the Sea.  Among his long list of television and film credits you will find roles on Walker Texas Ranger (1994-1998), and Touched by an Angel (1995), and films such as Templar Nation (2013), 3 of a Kind (2012), Redemption: For Robbing the Dead (2011), and Nobody’s Baby (2001), as well as numerous others. He has also appeared in several made for television movies, voice overs, and the 1994 video game Noctropolis.

Robert Bear

Robert Bear

Tough Johnson

Robert Bear brings wit and sarcasm to the rugged role of the adventuresome Tough.  Appearing in one of his first roles as a child in the 1987 television movie Bluffing It, Robert has worn many hats in the industry throughout the years, providing soundtrack vocals, acting, and producing.  Amongst numerous others, Robert has appeared in Pizza, Pesos, and Pistoleros (2004), 127 Hours (2010), Seven Days in Utopia (2011), as well as the 2012 drama Darling Companion, directed by Lawrence Kasdan and starring Diane Keaton and Kevin Kline.  In 2007, Robert co-produced Dead Noon in conjunction with director Andrew Wiest.

Shawn Nottingham


Benjamin Gray

The mystery of The Forlorned unravels with the saga of Benjamin Gray.  Cast as the old cleric, Shawn Nottingham sets an ominous tone revealing all the wicked things the lighthouse island has to offer.  With over two decades of acting background, Shawn’s talent and chiseled looks elevate his character’s foreboding.  Shawn has numerous roles to his credit, including many films, shorts, television episodes, and several made for television movies.Shawn has appeared in A Christmas Wish (2011), Aces Over Eights (2010), Hounded with Shia LaBeouf and Ed Begley Jr. (2001), Address Unknown (1997), and the 1995 short film Fedora, amongst many others.



Leo Passo

Laurence Arthur “Larry” Laverty is an actor, stuntman, producer, director, and writer, and man of oh so many talents and interests.  He brings the character of Leo Passo to life, or well, almost, since Leo is long since dead.  Larry is known for his hundreds of performance credits, including his hilarious appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992), and a supporting role in the Cannes Film Festival top winner Elephant (2003). Larry has appeared in The Fourth War (1990), and numerous television shows including Judging Amy (2000), The Practice (2002), All My Children (2003), and Nash Bridges (1999).  Laverty has a history in theater, commercials, music videos and narratives, as well as speed skating.  He has a B.S. in Business Administration, and a B.A. in Political Science, but the role he is most passionate about is that of animal rights advocate, and in particular, his efforts to save the elephants of Africa from extinction.

Additional Cast Members

LUKE DOWLER                                     as Harry Garrity


ROBERT MILO ANDRUS                as Ryan “Man” James


JAMIE CODY-FERGUSON            as Joseph Sperry


ELAINE REED                                        as Young Amy Garrity


JERI MILLER                                          as Mrs. Passo