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Vice President of TheForlorned, LLC, Executive Producer, Author

Best-selling author, Angela J. Townsend was born in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Missoula, Montana.  As a child, Angela grew up listening to the ancient tales and legends of faraway places,told by her grandparents.  Influenced by her Irish and Scottish heritage, Angela became an avid research historian, specializing Celtic mythology.  Her gift for storytelling and history finally came full-circle as a published author.  Angela’s love of regional lore, mythology, and history, brings a unique perspective and compelling voice to her novels.  Angela’s novel, Amarok, published by Spencer Hill Press in 2012, made the Amazon best seller list in three separate categories.  She is also published by Clean Teen Publishing and Crimson Tree.  Angela’s other published works, including River of Bones, Angus MacBain and the Island of Sleeping Kings, Angus MacBain and the Agate Eyeglass, and Moonflower, have all been well received.  The novel, The Forlorned, is scheduled for release in July of 2015.  The movie based on her novel, and directed by Andrew Wiest, is due out in Fall of 2015.



President of TheForlorned, LLC, Executive Producer

A well-respected and successful trial lawyer for over 60 years, Dale L. McGarvey is also a dedicated conservationist and philanthropist. Mr. McGarvey is a formidable presence in the courtroom, heartily supporting those cases he believes violate the rights of the average man.  He is a past Legislator, and vigorous defender of the lush Montana environment he so enjoys.  Mr. McGarvey is an active supporter of the arts, and a variety of creative projects in his home state, believing that artistic growth is essential to Montana’s extraordinary quality of life.



Production Coordinator

John Sinrud is the master of organization, bringing an extensive background in project management and real estate,and having served as a real estate specialist for over 25 years.  John has worked in negotiation and contracts, as well as serving as a Montana State Legislator. A seasoned networker and self-starter, his exceptional dedication to both clients and details make him a true asset.  John is diligent and committed, and has a successful history of working in complex situations, listening, and turning ideas into realities. One of his greatest commodities is his integral partnership, and the ability to successfully direct and complete intricate undertakings.  John holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Montana State University in Bozeman.

Bryan Lutgen


Web Designer, Marketing Design

Bryan Lutgen creates marketing magic.  Having worked for such large corporations as Qwest Communications, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard, Bryan is versatile in creating impactful image, graphic, and web designs. His style has panache, and is innovative and compelling. In addition to The Forlorned design team, Bryan now operates his own company, Wheelbound Productions, which specializes in Web Design and Marketing, in addition to other technology related services.  Bryan has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Montana.